LSDP on request by Syntrus Achmea in Amsterdam organized the workshop under the title “Desycle your Dream’. The goal of the workshop was to remind the group how to find within their ‘working teams’ the means to improve their services to their clients constantly.
By implementing the creative process of the ‘Desycling Strategy’ the group was set into a different context from the daily working one. In this context they had to answer the question ‘what is my retirement dream’. The teams became dream factories that had to satisfy the ‘dreamer’s wishes by designing and producing a Desycled product that would represent these wishes.
During the exercise new questions were raised and the participants had to undertake different roles from the ones they had in their working environment. This experience allowed the group to reflect on the importance of finding and owning their role within team work.

The creative process triggered the participant’s insight of their role in the company and towards their clients. One important aspect ‘humor’ and the ability to laugh at stressful situations help to mitigate the unpleasant moments within the working environment.
At the end of the day we did see some sparkling eyes and heard some intense laughter throughout the activity which we expect the group will take further to their working environment.

Gabriela Bustamante (leading, concept brainstorm & production)
Caro Isern (concept brainstorm & production)
Serena Koot
Steffie Ballemans