IJburg Werkt with the 5p’s. (people, planet, profit, pleasure and practicality)

In May 2010 we organized a creative session where Ymere (housing corporation in Amsterdam, the IJburg Marktmeester, RadarAdvies (agency on social issues) and a group of 5 entrepreneurs exchanged their concerns, ideas and proposals about the start-up of a sustainable business in IJburg.
Leading the session through the 5p’s opened up all possible directions this project could take. It also allowed everyone to bring in their expertise to find what role they can take in every phase of this project. This unorthodox session lasted 4 hours of intense brain workout, but was worth the smiles and laughter’s of every participant.
A comprehensive 5p’s report was the result of the research and activities organized.

Caro Isern (strategy plan, concept brainstorm, advise and report)
Gabriela Bustamante (concept brainstorm, production)
Beatriz Fernandez Garcia (concept brainstorm, photography & production assistant)
Belinda de Groot (concept brainstorm, report interviews & production assistant)

Marktmeester IJburg

Extra info
The main report of the project this creative session was part of.
Report project IJburg

Film about one of the activities during the session ‘Jingle and Mingle’- advertise your business!

Mingle & Jingle video