‘Desycle at the table’
LSDP, the Desycle Foundation and the desycling coaches were invited by Foundation Wilde Westen and Stedelijk in West to organize a Desycling project for and with the neighbours of Geuzenveld-Slotermeer. The project took place in the location where Wilde Westen was executing “De kok, de kweker, zijn vrouw en hun buurman”, a project for het Stedelijk in West.

As a follow up of Desycling A’dam 08, LSDP organized a project in collaboration with the coaches in which we explored the habits and costumes of different cultures around the subject ‘Kitchens and Meals”. Around 50 people (children and adults) shared their cultural experiences and creative skills during the project’s activities.

The intensive collaboration resulted in specific products, like a large fruit bowl designed with recycled magazines and produced by a heterogeneous group of 40 people, plus concrete ideas which an enthusiastic group of women who wanted to explore further into new opportunities.


Gabriela Bustamante
Caro Isern
Bram Nab
Beatriz Fernandez Garcia
Miritte Ben Yitzchak
Isabel Quiroga

Desycle coaches:
Josta Tuinfort
Agnes Herewood
Norma Antonijsz
Ingrid Potman

Goed idee
Eigen Haard
Gemeente Amterdam Stadsdeel Geuzenveld-Slotermeer
Stedelijk Museum

Thanks for asking our participation to Marjetica Potrc and Wilde Westen Foundation

Extra info
The following link shows the weblog which was kept during the project:
Weblog Desycling Amsterdam

More photos on Flickr:
Desycle op tafel on Flickr

See also the manual for making the bowl:Fruit bowl manual