This website is about the professional journey of Latin Sisters Design Productions (LSDP) from 2006 to 2011. LSDP is a design studio that was founded by Caro Isern (Architect) and Gabriela Bustamante (Industrial Designer) in 2006. Our passion in the studio was to research social structures and environmental issues, to which we have created possible solutions by implementing an integrated design approach.

This portfolio contains a diverse selection of the most significant projects we developed (by commission or conceived) during the 5 years of the studio’s existence. LSDP has been an important learning experience for us and for everyone that has participated. We are very satisfied with our achievements and we want to share them and convey our knowledge to you.

When we started working on this adventure, many concepts were new. Joint work between the different sections of the City Council was just beginning to take place. Our projects represented in many cases the union of the social and environmental sectors of the Municipality.
On the other hand, the terms “community art” or “social or participatory design” were not very common at that time, they were not as well known as they are now. That is why we also want to thank the funds and clients who have trusted us, and have dared to innovate and be pioneers with us.

After a few years we experienced the call for ‘change’. Following this call, we decided to go our separate ways in order to master new skills, develop new interests and keep on learning from each other. If you would like to know more about our individual work, we invite you to browse our web pages. Or to contact us

Gabriela Bustamante & Caro Isern

We are working on this online archive. We hope to complete it by the end of 2021.