LSDP conceived and organized the special project -Desycling Amsterdam. This project’s goal was to involve residents in their local environmental and social issues within their neighborhood and to inspire them to take action. In addition, we invited a group of local residents to be trained as Desycle coaches who were in charge of consolidating the results.

For four months, a group of 70 enthusiastic residents of Amsterdam- New-West together with a group of designers transformed their own household trash into beautiful design objects. They transformed empty cardboard boxes, plastic bags, old clothes, furniture, magazines and empty plastic bottles into trendy handbags, jewelry, raincoats, trendy wardrobes and more.

All this happened in the temporary Desycle Center in the municipality of Geuzenveld-Slotermeer. Residents, shopkeepers and organizations in the neighborhood were involved in the project, shared their network and provided materials. The result was a powerful group that worked towards the integration of the neighborhood.

There were ten active residents trained as “Desycling Coaches”. They learned the ins and outs of organizing the Desycle workshops and participated more actively in the development of the community. They did this together with the municipality, welfare parties and local businesses.

‘The power of this concept is that it creates awareness in an- unaware -way’

Exhibition Desycling Amsterdam
As a conclusion of this successful project, Desycling Amsterdam, LSDP was invited to organize a four-day interactive exhibition in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The event was a huge success. In four days there were over 1500 visitors. Visitors were fascinated with the display of thousands of plastic bottles that hung in four cylinder shapes from the ceiling. Each cylinder was a pavilion. Each pavilion was destined for a different activity: a workshop to make chairs from cardboard, another, where various products were on display and several others with different topics. A much visited pavilion was the hospitality pavilion which was decorated as a Moroccan restaurant.
On the second day the visitors to the exhibition participated in a discussion panel about waste and the feasibility of a permanent Desycle Centre in the city. This event was organized in association with MWH Global and Kennisland Foundation.
Representatives of all major sponsors and partners were present: the municipality, waste management companies, funds, neighbors, desycle coaches and designers. The discussion was led by the president of Kennisland Foundation.

One of the important outcomes of the discussion was the joint support and interest in the establishment of a permanent Desycle Center. The exhibition received broad attention in the printed and audiovisual media, like Het Parool, other journals and BNR news.

Caro Isern (architect and designer) – concept strategy & project leading (communication parties, funds and sponsoring)

Gabriela Bustamante (industrial designer) – management design production and neighborhood activities.

Fré Meijer – communication media and funding.

Anke Verhees – project coordination and communication

Sieneke Toering – communication assistant

Jelle Maijer – design exhibition

Miren Arrieta – assistant interior design

Merel de Haes – internship interior design

Ivo Vegter – internship product design

Serena Koot – fashion designer

David Graas – product designer

Rachel Jenkins – product designer

Anette Kithier – product designer

Jarl Schulp – graphics & spatiality exhibition

Ellen Bokkinga – photographer

Jos Kraaijeveld – photographer

Verena Hauschke – photographer

Miritte Ben Yitzchak – graphic designer promotion material

Partners & sponsors
VSB fonds
Stichting DOEN
Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK)
Far West
Stadsdeel Geuzenveld
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Van Gansewinkel
MWH (Pouwel Inberg)
Stadsdeel Westerpark

Sponsors in natura:
Juttersdok (Arie Bierhaalder) Dankjewel Arie!
Gunters en Meuser (Peter Olthof)
Redbeans (Peter van der Linden)
Innocent drinks

Local organisations from Geuzenveld-Slotermeer:
De Key (Carin Bom)
Woon- en zorgcentrum Cordaan (Ike Nieuwenhuizen)
Stichting de Brug (Agnes Herewood)
Jongerensteunpunt Stichting Dock (Renske Abbink)

Desycle Foundation Board:
Anna Pauzenga
Arno Wolters
Kajetan Hetzer

The enthusiastic desycle coaches:
Irene Pessi
Carmen Markus
Agnes Herewood
Norma Anthonijsz
Rinia Nelson
Henny Holleman
Jose Smit
Will Harderwijk
Esther Goedvolk
Rita Mahadew
Wendy Lemmers
Birgit Pedersen

Extra info
The following link shows the weblog which was kept during the project Desycling Amsterdam:
check post from April-July 2008 😉
Weblog Desycling Amsterdam

More photos on Flickr:
Desycling Amsterdam on Flickr

In the project report you can find information in Dutch about the background, the process and the results of the project:
Desycling Amsterdam 2008 short report

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