By commission of the municipality of Amsterdam Oud-West, LSDP conceived and executed the project “From Recycling to Redesign”. The goal of the project was to inspire people to look differently at ‘trash’, to reflect about the waste issues in their neighborhood and stimulate them to take action.
During the project, the perception of participants about trash changed considerably, from ‘problem’ to ‘opportunity’. As a result of this project, LSDP organized and exhibition in cooperation with local residents and other organizations. The exhibition took place in the former tram station De Hallen in Oud West during an international design event in Amsterdam. Through this exhibition, the project generated awareness of the “trash” issue beyond the local borders. This project was the forerunner of Desycling Amsterdam.

About the Exhibition
“LSDP and Stadsdeel Oud-West present to you the first results of ‘Van Recycling tot Re- Design’. During the one-year journey of this project, we have been able to find proof that if we want to live in a sustainable environment, we have to become socially sustainable. In short to create time and space to reflect about the garbage and trash issues and have FUN doing that together.

The goals of this project and exhibition are to invite people to take ownership of a daily ‘problem’ -such as garbage– using a new perspective. In groups, we inspire people to reflect on the topic and start to take it over in a proactive way. We do this by:

Reflecting about garbage and waste in our society through a fun and creative activity.
Showing -through the designed products- that ‘transformation’, instead of ‘rejection’, is an easy way to improve our lifestyle.
Inspiring people.

We are very motivated to continue this project, improve it and search for the means to make it sustainable. We have experienced how our role as designers based in a ‘person to person’ communication can influence people’s choices in a positive way.”

Caro Isern – Architect, project management
Gabriela Bustamante – Designer, production management

Workshops / exhibition team:
Onno Sminia – Industrial Design Student -TU Delft, design assistant
Jiska van Veen – Industrial Design Student -TU Delft, design assistant
Bianca Oei – Industrial Designer, design assistant
Miritte Ben Yitzchak – Graphic Designer
Luis Acosta Jewelry – Guest Designer
Laura de Monchy – Guest Artist
Roberto Uribe Castro – Architect
Marcela Mendoza – Architect
Onno Sminia – Industrial Design Student -TU Delft
Jiska van Veen – Industrial Design Student -TU Delft
Marco Corsini – Photographer

Stadsdeel Oud-West:
Wijkcoordinatoren Sarah van Mourik Broekman and Anita Schothans
Cultuur Fonds Oud-West (Alexandra John) and Cultuurscout/kunsteducatiescout Oud-West (Marcel Boontje)
Milieu/afval afdeling (Sylvia Meintser)
Yvonne Lammers (wet houder cultuur en milieu Oud-West)
John Muller van De Hallen

Tetra Pak
NH Hotels
Cafe de Origen,
Amsterdam DJ School

Extra info

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Film making of the products on youtube:
Van Recyling tot Re-design video 

Project proposal
Project proposal

Project report
Workshop result

Exhibition report
Exhibition report

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