LSDP worked together with De Regenboog Groep from 2008 to 2011 on a pilot project about social and environmental related challenges in the Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam.

Because of the stigmatization about homeless people within the city De Regenboog Groep asked LSDP to develop a project that would give a fresh twist to stimulate the target group as well as positively influence the perception of the neighbors about the homeless shelter in their local area. Desycling de Regenboog Groep project became a great opportunity to inspire all people involved (people experiencing homelessness, organization, volunteers, designers, neighbors, shop owners) to actively participate by practicing sustainable behavior towards consumption and the generation of trash (mainly packaging).

The result of this project was a Design Production Facility that operated 5 days per week where a group of the Regenboog’s clients (people experiencing homelessness) from the city worked in the design and production of Desycled Products. This was organized in collaboration with local shops and organizations from the neighborhood which provided the material for the products which were sold in some local stores.

In the pictures you can see some of the Desycle Products that were designed and produced throughout the project.

This project delivered a closer and more comprehensive interaction between the shelter and the local neighborhood. Knowledge was transferred (over sustainable design) from designers to the workshop leaders and producers but also to the shops that delivered materials.

Caro Isern
Project manager / concept, initiator, strategy plan

Gabriela Bustamante
Senior designer / brand concept

Fré Meijer
Communication, temporary project manager

Belinda de Groot
Junior project manager & junior designer

Isabel Quiroga
Junior designer

Steffie Ballemans
Junior designer

Yu-Chun Chen
Jewelry designer

Foundation De Regenboog Groep, Amsterdam (Client)

Start Foundation (funding)
Foundation Instituut GAK (funding)
CIEE (funding)

Participating shops:
Bakkerij Jamber
Restaurant ‘Oeps’
Coffee Company

Extra info
The following link shows the weblog which was kept during the project Desycling De Regenboog.
Weblog Desycling De Regenboog

There a lot more interesting photo’s of this project to look at on Flickr.
Desycling De Regenboog on Flickr

In the project report of Desycling De Regenboog you can find information in Dutch about the background of the project, how the Design Production Facility was set up and the results of the project.
Project Report Desycling De Regenboog

Here the instructions (in Dutch) of some of the products developed for this project
Handboek voor Bakkera
Handboek voor sieraden en broodmandje
Presentation for BNO (Association of Dutch Designers) during Green Talks